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Entry #1

Who am I?

2013-01-22 22:56:24 by NintenG0D

I'm a major fan of Newgrounds, I've been coming to this site since 2005!

I don't regularly check Newgrounds, I'm usually on Youtube. I'm a Youtube Channel owner, I make AMVs, Tutorials and occasional voice overs.

I'm also an artist, preferably a Game Designer. (Story Writer/ Level Developer/ Character Development/ Graphics Artist)

I'm known here on Newgrounds for showing up for Audio Reviews. I will look for a song I absolutely love, and make a list of 10 Games that the song goes perfectly with. Maybe you've seen me?

Well, anyway, I've kinda just been around here on Newgrounds.
I miss Egoraptor's work, especially all of his Awesome Compilations especially Metal Gear Awesome. I also still mourn for the tragic departure of Dungeon Studios, and Alvin-Earthworm and his series "Super Mario Bros. Z!" I've seen EVERY episode of the Castle series, and honestly, there needs to be MORE!! And finally, My favorite series ever overall has to be ANKH Robot: Gunchest, made by Sangmin-Bang.

Ask me any questions you might have, so long as they aren't about RTS Games, which I have ZERO experience in. Or MMORPGs, I don't play games that eat at your soul! *Cough* World of Warcraft *Cough* The Old Republic *Cough*

Or Skyrim. I'm not a Warlock, Wizards, Spellcrafting, Dragonslaying, Knights in Armor kind of guy.
I'm more an Otaku, Cyberpunk, Ninjas and Samurai loving guy!

And I LOVE .hack// I support Cyberconnect2 100%, Hell, I even talk with RyuM, myself! XD
Little Tail Bronx is AMAZING!!!! O^o

Anyway, yeah, My name's NintenG0D, but it's an old Alias of mine. My real Alias is BOOM DeadSH0T, but, you can call me Zack!

I'll be around!


Who am I?


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2013-01-23 12:01:39

I'll see around